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I get to enjoy the most delicious food!

"Since starting my journey to better health with Wendy and OMG, not only have I lost a ton of weight and added lean muscle, but I have learned how to care for my body and give it what it needs to function optimally. OMG provides all of the essential macros that I need in order to fuel my body and meet my goals. I love not having to think about what to put into each meal. Instead of going to the grocery store and spending hours prepping food, I get to enjoy the most delicious food, ready to eat, all the while knowing that Wendy and the team at OMG have customized it just for me! From energy-producing carbs that help fuel my workouts to protein-packed main courses that help me build lean muscle and burn fat, OMG has it all! I couldn't have done this without Wendy and OMG"

-Cinthia Adair

Thank god man

"Losing fat and gaining muscle takes alot of macro counting and time. Thank god I found wendy, because eating the same chicken and rice can get boring. I'm picky when it comes to meal prep, because  I can cook. But dannnggg! Wendy can cook. Never feels like I'm dieting. Finally able to stick to clean eating. It also makes me feel good that she's pgbtq friendly and has helped me alot in my transformation! Thanks Wendy! You give the best leg days! haha"

-Nicko Attilano


"April 30th 2018 to November 16th 2018!! All this progress is made easy by the great atmosphere at O'Malley's Gym and my meals from @omguaschmeals All I have to do is lift the weight!!"

Meet The Owner

I'm a normal person just like you. I used to be out shape and had big dreams of becoming a bodybuilder. Through that journey, I came up with my OMG Meal Prep idea, and it EXPLODED! I had no idea so many people would come to love my food, and here I am a few years later doing what I love. With the support of my loving husband and family, I was able to turn my dream into a reality. I Never forget what it's like to be lost and that's why I connect so well with my clients and customers. You don't have to be afraid of food. I'll teach you. - Wendy Guasch